Monday, December 03, 2007

Wagazi � Google is heading into the business of magazines

Jonas at Wagazi comments on the Google patent application that has been making the rounds this past week:
While it seems a bit unclear what exactly Google is aiming at with this patent I’m interested in whether or not they will present a software that will make it easier and cheaper for independent magazine publishers to reach out to a bigger audience. Like Blogger or Wordpress did for bloggers. I’m not sure whether this will work with ordinary print magazines but more likely it could be a hit within digital magazines.
Wagazi � Google is heading into the business of magazines

It's not clear what "this" is that you are not sure will work with ordinary print magazines, but rest assured that something like "this" will. The world of digital commercial printing is just starting to take off, and the printed magazine world is in for a rebirth.

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Jonas said...

Hi Andrew

I´m glad you´re reading Wagazi.

The problems I believe publishers/Googles publishing system might bump into when it comes to print publishing is mainly connected to distribution. Although independent publishers might find it easier to create a good print magazine based on online content through Googles new patent, they still face the problem in getting that publication out to the public.

Distributions is expensive, and time-consuming. Sure, the interested can find the magazine via a website but the random people picking up a magazine while shopping groceries won't.

Digital magazines however don't face these problems.

I´d love to hear more thoughts from you on this subject, and also what you think about the future of digital magazines.