Thursday, June 26, 2008

MagCloud publisher invitations

For those folks who have requested MagCloud publisher invitations, thanks! Just wanted to let everyone know that we've received a few ;-), and are churning through them as quickly as we can. We're not running a secret MagCloud Idol competition with a panel of judges, so if you haven't heard back yet there is no need to worry that we've deemed you unworthy. We're simply trying to ramp up reliably and predictably; we're accepting invite requests somewhat randomly to try to sample many different types of publishers, with a bias toward first-come, first-get.

For all our new Beta users, publishers and non-publishers, thank you on behalf of the MagCloud team. Never have I seen such supportive bug reports :-). Can't tell you how much that helps as we're stomping the bugs.

If you have an existing account and want to use an invitation to upgrade it to have publisher capabilities: when you click on the accept invitation link, look for the link highlighted below.


MH Media Online said...

Andrew, I've now received an invitation to be a publisher on and am very excited. I've decided to go into partnership with my, erm, partner and we'll co-author a magazine. She'll be writing verse and prose; I'll be providing prose and images. I've clicked the link to accept the invitation but don't see any access path to get started in publishing - what's the next step/what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Andrew Fitzhugh said...

When you click on the invitation link you should land on the page to create a new account with publisher capability, or upgrade an existing account so it has publisher capability.

I believe you want to upgrade, which means to click on the link in the "Upgrade Account" section at the top of the form (log out of the site before accepting the invitation).

I added a screenshot to the original post above. Hope this helps!

Kat said...

Hey my magcloud username is manitkat. I was wondering how long does it take to get a invitation as a publisher. I can't wait to publish my first magazine.

Andrew Fitzhugh said...

We had a fairly large backlog of invitation requests through the first 4-6 weeks, but now you should expect a response within a week.