Saturday, October 18, 2008

Campaign sleepover w/Little Mermaid

Obama Groove, originally uploaded by jurvetson.

Steve Jurvetson had lunch w/Joe Biden today, and solicited questions to ask via his Flickr photostream. This answer was not quite to the reader's question, but I love it anyway:

“Well, let me share a story. On the second day of the convention, my young granddaughter Finnegan came to me in the hotel and said “we need a sleepover.” I had promised her a tent and all when we got back, so I told her that it would have to wait a few days. “Well, no, I mean now. Barack’s kids have already talked to Barack. Can you pull the beds out of the room and we’ll put in mats, and have pizza and popcorn and Little Mermaid.” So Barack’s two daughters, two of Michelle’s brother’s children, my 11 year old nephew and two grandkids all had a sleepover. When I looked in the room and saw all those black and white children cuddled up together, it tells me more about what the core of this election is about. I knew we had made the right decision. We have become genuinely close friends.”

Many thanks to our roving reporter!

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