Thursday, June 25, 2009

MagCloud geeks wow 'em at Cannes Lions ad fest

Gisele Wertheim-Aymes reports from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival:
Sorry to say, it's not the creative talent or marketers who are setting the agenda here. Sure there are cool ideas, but it's the geeks who have created and will create more and more tools, unlocking a world of free and flowing communication and importantly captivating consumer attention.
Coming from a magazine publishing background I marvelled at MagCloud....
As chief geek at MagCloud I couldn't be more proud :-), but let's be real: tools and services like these are nothing without creatives to drive them. What motivates me each day is seeing people discover MagCloud and doing things with it they never could before.

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Yogi said...

MagCloud rocks as a marketing tool. We produced a surprise "magazine" to thank a client for a particularly rewarding job. It blew them away -- and led to another assignment. Win-Win, baby!